Hanging out for professional learning

Hanging out for professional learning

I’m delighted to be presenting at the Brisbane Google Apps for Education Summit (Brisbane GAFE summit) today about the ACCELN (Australian Council for Computers in Education Learning Network) Google Hangouts that Roland Gesthuzien and I have been running. It all started as an informal promotion for the unconference we were organising for ACEC2012 but now … Continue reading

A reflection on Connected Coaching

A reflection on Connected Coaching

I’ve had the absolute honour to be part of Powerful Learning Practice’s Connected Coaching Course for the last 12 weeks. Lani Ritter-Hall and Amy Musone have been truly amazing facilitators of our learning and at modeling coaching techniques and dispositions. I had been observing and reading about coaching and leading change for a little while … Continue reading

Revisiting a previous conceptulisation of pedagogy

Revisiting a previous conceptulisation of pedagogy

In 2007, I was working for Brisbane Catholic Education as an Education Officer for Learning Management. The brief was to define learning management requirements and to set the organisation on a path towards implementation of an LMS. Around this time I was discovering web 2.0 and it’s potential for education… Retrospectively I think I took … Continue reading

Is Flipping far enough?

There is a lot of press and chatter around theĀ flipped classroom at the moment. While this could be a great first step in the evolution of classroom practice I wonder if it is far enough to make a real difference. What changes when you flip? Is the flipped classroom approach still valuing content but just … Continue reading

Finding myself… Being connected

How do I learn? Where is my place in the world? What can I contribute? (This post forms part of an assessment submission for a Master of Education subject) During the beginning of my time as an Education Officer, I struggled with the perceived need to know as much as possible about online technologies in … Continue reading

Fear and Self Loathing

What holds me back from being who I could be? (This post forms part of an assessment submission for a Master of Education subject) Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it. ~Salvador Dali Growing up, I always tried to be good because I was terrified of getting in trouble; desperate to fit … Continue reading

Socially Constructed World

How do I view the world? How has it shaped me? How have I shaped it? (This post forms part of an assessment submission for a Master of Education subject) Sometimes there is nothing that makes me happier than having a quiet place to think, read and ask the big questions of life. Occasionally I … Continue reading

Big passion, Little Manda

What drives me? How did I get here? (This post forms part of an assessment submission for a Master of Education subject) Education is a field that I kind of fell into post high school after not making it into my preferred course at Art college. However, it is a field in which I discovered … Continue reading

New beginnings

After watching so many others for so long, it’s time I became more serious about blogging to share my thoughts and ideas and to participate in global conversation about teaching and learning and ICT. So my plan is to use this space to share my reflections and adventures šŸ™‚