Hanging out for professional learning


I’m delighted to be presenting at the Brisbane Google Apps for Education Summit (Brisbane GAFE summit) today about the ACCELN (Australian Council for Computers in Education Learning Network) Google Hangouts that Roland Gesthuzien and I have been running.

It all started as an informal promotion for the unconference we were organising for ACEC2012 but now (with the encouragement of Tony Brandenburg -ACCE President) the hangouts have become a longer term commitment and a professional learning experience that I look forward to each Monday night during school terms. It’s a time for me to connect with a bite sized chunk of my PLN and talk big topics, big issues and big ideas, while having a lot of fun too! And all this started with a DM to Roland on twitter asking if he’d like to run an unconference with me 🙂

So what do we do in our Hangouts?
The most important aspect of the hangouts is the professional conversation. We have quite a few regulars who join our panel whenever they can and each week we tend to take a different focus which is usually relevant to ICT in schools (aka Ed Tech) or a somewhat related tangent with anywhere from 1-4 special guests with a maximum of 9 participants all together.

We could probably simplify the process and streamline the technology more… but right now here’s what we do to manage them.

  • manage our schedule of possible special guests and topics I a shared google spreadsheet (we have varying levels or organisation with this – Roland is more organised than me)
  • create an event in google plus to promote the event to our circles, and publicly
  • create a place holder with some useful links on the ACCELN wiki
  • promote on #ACCELN twitter hashtag
  • collect questions and write loose ‘script’ to guide the conversation as a google doc and share this with participants
  • on the night- invite special guest, regular panel members (and sometimes whoever we can find online from our networks to join new hangout (not linked to the google plus event as these cant be recorded/broadcast to YouTube
  • a few minutes of orientation with hangout participants and question brainstorming
  • embed YouTube viewer in the ACCELN wiki
  • start live broadcast to YouTube
  • use google doc and in hangout chat to guide conversation
  • engage in and manage back channel in twitter and todaysmeet
  • wrap up conversation (usually well after the 30min timeframe we aimed for) and end broadcast
  • a quick debrief with participants and a tidy up of the show notes google doc.

So during the GAFE Summit presentation, I plan to run a live broadcast to show participants the process, and will embed the YouTube clip both here and on the ACCELN wiki. Want to hangout with us for the GAFE summit session? See the google event or the wiki.

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